Rays Solar Park Baap

We are also the owners ‚Äčof one of India's smallest, but profitable MW scale solar power plants. It has a total capacity of 10MW and houses projects from 3 different developers. The solar park being small is more efficient in maintenance, regulation and audits.

It is one of the highest efficiency power plants of the country that produces more than 20 Million units of electricity - enough to power 200 homes for all round the year. It was completed and commissioned in a record time of 6 months. Currently, it is operating on its full capacity.

6 Months

This solar park was commissioned in a record time of 6 Months from the conception to commissioning.

10 MW

The plant is spun across 50 acres and houses 10 MW from a collective of 3 developers.


This solar park is also operating at its full capacity and has completed the initial investment of the investor.

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