Rays Solar Park Kolayat

Rays Solar Park Kolayat is a special park. It was the first of its kind model in the solar industry in India right after the JNNSM was commissioned by the government. RaysExperts were the first promoters of this concept in India & inspired other developers to adopt similar approach.

The solar paark is spun across 130 acres and has a total capacity of 25 MWs. More than 15 developers from Rajasthan & Gujarat have invested in the park and by the end of 2016 - all of them would have recovered the investment.


Kolayat Solar Park was the first of its kind innovative solar investment concept in India.

25 MW

The plant is spun across 130 Acres and houses 25 MW capacity for a collective of 16 developers.


Kolayat Solar Park Facility is running at full capacity of 25 MW and it has already started to cover the investment.

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