Operation & Maintenance

The services we offer are interconnected and are a part of an optimized energy solution package. Our Solar Park provides verification of the power plant energy model ensuring that delivered performance equals predicted performance resulting in verified asset value for the plant owner over the span of 25 years.

Our operations and maintenance teams are committed to extract longer life spans and higher returns from every single solar panel present in their solar plant, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of value-added services and solutions. Our operations and maintenance efforts ensure energy yield optimisation in accordance with onsite climate and grid conditions. We also provide detailed monitoring services for every table of solar panel erected. This combined synergy of our business units and customer support network succeeds in providing our customers with benefits that help satisfy their expectations of a global solar energy solutions provider.

Parts Replacement

Lifetime free replacement of obsolte equipments

Power Evacuation

Supplying the generated energy to the grid

Sale of REC

collecting reveneus by the sale of REC

Regular Checkups

Scheduled maintenace checkups and plant health recording

Plant Security

Our solar parks are securely fenced and guarded 24x7

Emergency Measures

Optimal precautions and measures for emergency situations

Personnel Training

Training of site operators under seasoned site supervisors

Maximizing Plant Heath

Advanced plant controls and other technology support

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