Forget Diesel Generator Sets. Go Solar!

Store your solar energy
and become self-sufficient

Don't let electricity bill control your life.

Intelligent Energy

Store the excess solar power and use it as and when needed.

Become Self-Sufficient

Change Status Quo by producing entire consumption in the most profitable manner. Why should rising electricity prices pinch you every time.

Power cut protection

Why use diesel when you have sun working to power up your business?

Our storage solutions

Hybrid solar
  • Save space and money with a single inverter controlling your solar panels and battery.
  • Maximize efficiency as the battery gets charged using the DC straight from the solar panels.

Possible energy storage


Stand Alone

With this, you can maximize your energy storage in one neat cabinet. If you already have a solar solution installed on your roof, or want to switch to a different brand of Solar inverters, our Stand-Alone battery solution is totally for you as it can be retrofitted to your existing solar system.


Energy Storage Solutions for Solar Parks

You can own a Solar plant in our Solar Park, top it up with our Energy storage solution and get your power expenses down by almost 70% for years to come.

While you can use solar power throughout the day, you may store excess solar power for use during night.


Replace the conventional generator sets with our Ultramodern Solar Battery storage solutions

Traditional diesel generator sets require a lot of space, high capital and operational costs, while also being non-sustainable and harmful for the environment.

Replace your conventional generators with our Solar battery storage solutions and witness the difference yourself. Our solar batteries can be charged during the normal loads and discharged either at a fixed schedule or when there is a power cut. You can also easily control these discharge patterns with our easy-to-use App. Switching to our systems is convenient and inexpensive as they can be retrofitted in any setup.

Solar Battery Process - Estimation to installation

How we will help you

Analyse Energy flow

We will calculate and analyze your solar production and energy consumption for better solar battery storage solutions.

Choose your battery

We will help you determine the size of your storage solution to optimize your energy flow using our estimations


We will set up and install solar panels and batteries while you sit back and relax

Want to leverage the power of the sun and work with us towards a sustainable future?