10 Tips to Use Solar Power Modules More Effectively in 2021

The Efficiency of Solar Power Modules can be increased by following some of the best practices which can encourage more savings on your energy consumption. This blog talks about various ways to help you achieve the same.

Renewable energy is a boon for today’s world where we are constantly struggling with meeting the growing demands of electricity. Since solar energy is one of the unique ways to solve such challenges, it can help us meet the energy requirements in an adequate manner. The higher efficiency and lower costs of consumption can offer various benefits to people running electricity through Solar Power Plants.

Solar Energy or Photovoltaics is one of the biggest trends influencing everyone from small homes to large industries. Being one of the affordable solar battery storage solutions, solar energy can be used to power everything from small bulbs, air conditioners to machinery. As possibilities with Solar Energy are endless, it offers you amazing ways to generate energy and utilise it at your own convenience. While there are various ways to make more out of it, this blog lists 10 Tips to Use Solar Power Modules More Effectively.


10 Tips to Use Solar Power Modules More Effectively


1. Using LEDs to Meet Your Lighting Needs

The LED is more efficient and power saving as compared to high watt bulbs which generate a lot of heat and consume higher electricity. This helps you to save energy in terms of less power consumed through solar power modules. It also enables you to compensate for this energy on various energy-intensive devices like heaters, washing machines or air conditioners.


2. Getting Battery Storage to Enable More Power

The solar power plants installed in rooftop projects usually work on a net metering system and hence doesn’t require the need for battery storage. If you think your energy consumption is higher, battery storage is one of the solutions which you can choose to store your excess energy and use it without any worries. This will enable you to power more electrical appliances through stored energy.


3. Keep Check on Active Appliances

The appliances like Air conditioners, TVs, Heaters usually consume electricity even in standby mode. It is recommended to keep a track of these devices and shut them down if you are not using them. This can help you save energy to meet the demands in an efficient way. This can also help you to reduce electricity costs.


4. Use Appliances in Day Time

Since solar energy utilises sunlight as the source of power generation, it is recommended to use high power appliances like- Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, etc. during the daytime as you may get an adequate supply of energy from sunny daylight. This will help you to store the energy for devices like ACs and Heater which you might use overnight.


5. Clean Your Solar Panels

The Solar Panels require less maintenance but it is recommended to clean them on a regular basis to ensure the high efficiency of solar power generation. There can be various conditions when dust can lower down the production impacting efficiency in various ways. This is not a tough task for rooftop solar plants as it gives you extra savings and more energy.


6. Buy Star Rated Appliances

The Star Rating is one of the crucial energy ratings that one should see before buying any of the electrical appliances like- AC, Washing machines, Heaters, etc. This can enable you to save more energy while running such devices. This ranking is usually marked between the scale of 1-5 (5 being more efficient) depending upon appliance and manufacturing year.


7. Install Panels in 100% No-Shade Areas

It is always recommended to choose areas with 100% no shade making your solar panel work in optimum ways. This helps in increasing your energy production level that lets you save more energy costs.


8. Keeping Track of Solar Panel Performance

It is always important to keep a check whether your solar panels are performing in optimum efficiency or not. Any kind of fault or performance issue can degrade the amount of energy generation. While in most cases it is not required but still needs an active consideration to ensure everything works in a better way.


9. Use Net Metering to Save on Electricity Bills

Net Metering is quite a lucrative option to save on your electricity bills. The power generation can be sent back to the electricity grid which makes it possible for you to get an uninterrupted power supply even if your solar panels are not producing much energy. This can be quite useful during the winter or rainy seasons to compensate for the energy requirements from the electrical grid at a low cost. This doesn't even require you to invest in battery storage.


10. Follow Maintenance Schedule Properly

The Maintenance and Servicing should be done in a periodic manner to ensure better performance of Solar Panels and various associated equipment. The expert service engineers can undertake an audit to ensure everything works to an optimum level.



Solar Energy not only helps in saving costs but also enables you to utilise it for meeting the demands of energy at your home, office or factory. Through these ten energy-efficient practices, you can increase the performance level of Solar Power Modules without investing heavily in anything.


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