Cost of Installing Solar Panels at Home - A complete costing guide

Climate change is a rising concern in today’s world. With leading activists and governments coming out for the argument, sustainable living is in the limelight as of now. Leading scientists and researchers have been warning everyone about the irreversible damage that could be caused to the climate if we don’t change our consumption habits. It’s a time when we all have to rise up to the occasion and take responsibility. This is why making the switch from electricity to solar energy is a great choice. You could do this by installing solar panels in your home.  But why should you get solar panels? And how much does a solar panel cost? Keep reading to find out!

Why install solar panels?

A solar panel draws energy from the sun and helps you power your home. Yes, solar energy can be used to power up lights, televisions, fans, and all other electrical appliances at your house. This makes it the perfect substitute for electricity. 

The top-most benefit of installing solar panels is that it helps you save costs. Rooftop solar panels assist you to cut down on your electricity bills heavily. Even though we don’t have the power to harvest solar energy to its maximum potential, you can use it as a substitute for powering up light electronic appliances like lights, fans, etc. The maintenance cost of solar panels is also minimal. When buying a solar panel, the cost is the first thing that you need to remember as a striking benefit. 
Solar panels increase your accessibility to energy. If you have a house in an area that gets frequent power cuts, installing solar panels will be a great choice for you. The reason is that solar energy can be harvested using a system in your house. Thus, when the power goes out, you can use this accumulated energy instead.  

If these benefits were not convincing enough, they help you reduce your carbon footprint by a lot. Solar systems are less polluting than electric options. The pollution risk to the environment is reduced as no fuel is used to create solar energy. Thus, it eliminates the creation of harmful pollutant gases that poison our atmosphere. 


Energy harvested from a solar panel has a wide range of uses. It can be used to power heaters, and run electric generators as well. This is why we recommend you to check out Rays Rooftop. They are a leading solar energy solutions firm helping India become sustainable.


What are the different components of solar panels?

Solar panels are made of 7 different components. These are as follows:
  1. The first one is a solar photovoltaic panel. These come in three different power variations of 80 W, 100 W, and 120 W. These are the sheets that are attached to the roof of your house to capture the sunlight.
  2. Solar power disconnects are electrical switches installed to cut power from the DC output of your panels for repairs and problems that need to be solved within the solar system. 
  3. A battery charge controller ensures that the power flow that's sent to the batteries is consistent and does not fluctuate too much. These items make up for a good amount of solar panel cost. The reason is that they ensure that backup batteries don't discharge lower back through the system.
  4. The deep cycle battery storage is the unit that’s used to store the power. These batteries have thicker lead plates to withstand the constant charge and discharge cycles that solar systems go through.
  5. While installing solar panels, a solar power meter is an optional installation. However, we recommend getting one of these to gauge the amount of solar power that's being utilized at your home.
  6. A solar power system inverter converts the direct current solar energy from the photovoltaic panels, into usable energy. It turns DC into AC energy of 115, 220, or 240V. This part is essential as it makes solar panels usable.
  7. Backup power is the final installation component. This is a component that stores power for emergency usage. It can be stored through a generator, inverter, wind turbine, or even a water wheel.

All of these components make up for the cost of installing solar panels. However, different providers will provide you with different pricing options. This is why we urge you to contact the best firm today to know how much it will cost. 

What’s the process of installing solar panels?

The process of installing solar panels is actually quite intricate. This is why you may need to hire professionals to help you out in the process. The first step is to mount the photovoltaic panels onto your roof. For this, you will need to first fix the mounts, and then install the solar panels onto them. Next, the electrical wiring connecting all the essential parts like the battery, backup power, solar power disconnects, etc., needs to be set up.
While setting this set-up, it is essential to connect the system of a solar inverter. The solar inverter needs to be connected to the battery and the battery needs to be connected to the grid. This makes the system complete. The final step of the process is to start up the solar inverter. Once this is done, you have a fully functional solar panel system. We recommend you get professionals offering affordable services when installing the system.

Solar panels are the way forward to a sustainable lifestyle. If you’re worried about the solar panel cost, we recommend you to contact Rays Rooftop. They are a leading solar rooftop business in India. Having been in the solar rooftop business, the company pioneers in PV technology and EPC Solutions for residential projects! Since the sourcing of each component is separate the cost varies upon the quality of components and the effort required in installing solar panels. However, we suggest that whatever the cost is, you should invest in it. This is because these systems have a life of more than 20 years and can cut down costs for you drastically. Go online and get yourself a solar panel system installed today! 



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