Industrial Solar Energy - A New Catalyst For Business Growth

Industrial Solar Energy has enormous potential to offer both growth and profitability for businesses in the longer run. It enables the use of clean energy while maximizing the potential for better returns in the coming future.

The demand for industrial solar energy consumption is growing year by year which is thus influencing the need to implement strategies to enable efforts towards the use of renewable energy. The Industries and business units top majorly as consumers of electricity utilizing power for powering large machinery to work. It can be seen that the large manufacturing plants and MNCs spreading worldwide are fostering the demand for power in a significant manner. This not only has inherent financial costs but also brings up environmental challenges in the longer run. The growing demand and use of fossil fuels for power generation have given another angle to organizations to choose solar as a better alternative for meeting their energy needs.

In order to solve various business challenges and offer more lucrative options, The need for renewable energy can certainly help both business and environment to co-exist while building scope for growth and profitability in coming years. Industrial Solar Energy not only helps businesses to save growing costs but they can generate and direct the energy in a more productive manner. Aiming for clean energy is every business objective fueling the direction towards reducing serious environmental impact and promoting environmentally friendly practices. Industrial Solar Energy is a new catalyst for business growth offering better returns in the coming future.

Growing Cost of Electricity: Solar Energy as a Savior to Save Costs  

The increasing commercial electricity costs are becoming a burden for businesses to think of alternative ways such as Solar Energy. The businesses have a very large dependency to run machinery thus requiring high reliance on power grids or commercial electricity connections which usually cost more than the average household. On average, businesses consume nearly around 15000 kWh - 25000 kWh of energy putting subsequent demand to generate electricity incurring higher costs of utilization every month. Industrial Solar Energy can cut down this cost to nearly 80% by installing in-house solar units or investing in solar energy parks.

Industrial Solar Energy: Future of Energy is Here

Solar Energy can be termed as a continuous source of energy that will offer long-term energy-related benefits to the organization. This not only decreases the harmful effects of power generation on the environment like- carbon emissions and pollution but also decreases the dependency on electric systems which are run by the government. Solar has the capability to meet larger energy needs in the coming years. This can also help to benefit organizations to get approval for green building ratings faster.

Businesses can even think of cutting their overhead costs by investing in solar parks rather than setting up solar plants on their premises. This will help businesses to evade the hassles of setting up a rooftop plant and can get similar advantages with proper maintenance and shared infrastructure set up over a large area at attractive prices. The energy surplus can also be sold to other commercial units at attractive prices which might help businesses to see it as an opportunity of investment to earn money.

Potential of Unlimited Energy & Affordable Maintenance

Solar Energy is adequately generated through the source of sunlight making it a viable option to generate as much energy as possible through large solar plants spread across acres of land or through rooftop setup. It eliminates the dependency of large organisations to pay for high energy costs and build up their self-reliance to generate the energy needed to operate machinery and other capital over a large period of time. It is also low-cost in terms of maintenance and offers operational longevity to get long-term benefits from solar setups. The Solar Plants do come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

How Solar Can Help in Tax Benefits & Increase Growth Potential

Solar Energy does offer various benefits in the form of tax exemption and subsidies. Various developing countries do have provisions to offer solar energy equipment at subsidised rates while some also offer lucrative tax benefits if businesses are using solar energy at a certain scale. It has a growth potential to offer maximised savings to businesses which can help them decrease their operational costs in a significant manner. The concepts like net metering also offer a viable way to cut down on commercial electricity bills which accumulate to a large amount every year.

Sustainability and Return on Investment

Solar is a pollution-free way to generate and use energy which helps organisations to take steps towards utilising clean energy for running their operations thus reducing environmental pollution that is generated from industries on a huge scale. On the other hand, The average return on investment of a typical solar plant is around 8-15% over the period of 8 years as measured in the United States. It may certainly range around this figure depending upon the country and regions. The countries with adequate weather and sunlight can offer better returns to organisations as they can utilise more hours of sunlight exposure which results in better power generation.

Increasing Competitiveness: Get Ahead in the Game of Green Energy

Solar energy does offer competitiveness to businesses to climb the ladder in the game of green energy. It might offer your business an exclusive advantage to position yourself as an energy centred organisation by enabling solutions for a cleaner environment. This is one of the essential factors to improve the company image while also utilising the best efforts to get better returns out of solar investments.

The other beneficial advantage of solar is the storage of energy to prevent downtimes and maintain a consistent energy supply for operational purposes. The electricity cut-offs and downtime can really cost businesses a lot by interrupting their day to day activities. These challenges can be easily overcome by using a dedicated solar plant. Industries like- manufacturing, power and agriculture have a great future scope for saving their costs in a significant manner.

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