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The sun is an essential source of energy for us. It gives light and life. In a way, the sun helped us get to where we are as a society. The sun's energy powers our ecosystem and life itself. Harvesting this energy is beneficial for us! This is where solar panels come in. The invention of solar panels revolutionised our planet. Even though currently they're scarce, solar panels have great potential.


Using the energy of the sun, solar panels are a way to bring around a green revolution. If you’re a businessman seeking green alternatives, solar panels are the best choice for you. They are functional and reduce your carbon footprint by a large amount. Investing in a solar plant right now is smart. Let’s get into the details of what, why, and how.


What is a Solar Plant?


A solar plant is an installation. You can imagine it as a sustainable counterpart of oil and gas power plants. While, solar plants have different variations, we'll be talking about photovoltaic power plants. These power plants are essential to our survival. With the sheer potential of converting sunlight into electrical energy, they make for low-cost power sources. However, such power plants can power entire communities and nearby industries! 


The power plants consist of solar cells. These, are generally mounted on top of metal frames in an open area. It allows them to capture the sunlight better. Each solar plant uses an inverter to convert AC energy to DC energy. A battery stores this energy and then relays it to a business. A fuse system is installed in case of voltage fluctuations as well.


The entire system is eco-friendly. That's why solar plants are quite beneficial for your business.


The Benefits of Solar Plants


Solar plants come with a myriad of benefits. Your business could invest in solar power and yield benefits for years to come. Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits solar energy can offer your business.


  1. Energy Production costs are minimised - Using solar power reduces your energy cost significantly. After the initial investment, the system is reliable for up to, 15 years. The components are easy to maintain. Additionally, each component comes with a nominal price tag.
  2. Fewer Energy Losses - A resounding problem today is energy loss due to travel time. When energy flows through wires, it is lost. However, solar energy reduces this effect. It's because solar farms can be set up in your immediate surroundings, without any harmful effects. It shortens the distance between production and output.
  3. Easy Installation - Solar farms are easy to install. Their parts are lightweight. This also allows lower transportation costs. Additionally, the modularity of the entire system makes installation smooth.
  4. Energy Production is High During High Demand - Solar farms produce the maximum output between 11 AM and 4 PM. Due to the way the world runs, these are peak office hours. Activity during this period is high. Thus, lost energy is minimal.
  5. Impact on The Environment - Solar energy is environmentally sustainable. Additionally, it is a quickly renewable energy source too!  This makes it an attractive option for you as a business owner. Solar energy works to reduce the carbon footprint of your business significantly!

Thus, now you know the benefits of solar power. But we’re sure you’re wondering what the cost is like. Let’s decipher how much it costs to set up a solar plant for your business.


The Cost Involved


Solar farms are provided with subsidies by the government of India. This reduces a large portion of your cost. However, it’s because the government seeks to implement renewable energy sources soon. Thus, it’s the right time to invest in solar now. 


Let’s take an example to understand the cost of solar power. If your business consumes Rs.2,00,000 worth of electricity, the total cost is Rs. 63,92,045. The government subsidies provide a tax benefit of Rs. 10,86,648 for initial investors in Solar Power. This reduces your net cost to Rs. 53,05,397. Your annual savings amount to Rs. 13,50,000. Additionally, your annual CO2 emissions saved are 2,55,682 KG.


With a payback time of 4 years, solar farms are a viable investment for any businessman. These farms have a minimum life of 15 years. With proper maintenance, it can be extended to 20 years as well! Thus, we recommend you grab the opportunity to invest today! 


Where Do I Start?


You can start, at the best firm in the country for solar power, RaysExperts. The company, is seasoned in the solar business. It has financed, set up, operated, and maintained, solar farms across the country. They are trustworthy and reliable when it comes to solar solutions. Check out their website today. You'll get all the answers you're looking for. Give the firm a call, and get yourself invested in a solar farm, today! 

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