Solar Energy - Facts and Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power is a clean and sustainable energy source that is environmentally friendly and economically viable. This blog covers various facts and advantages to help you get the best information related to solar energy.

Solar Energy can be considered as a boon to offer us various advantages in meeting our growing energy demands. Being clean energy, it is free from any kind of environmental complications making it desirable to be used across residential and industrial setups. Since the coal crisis, we have already seen how the dependency on coal has made us handicapped in meeting our own energy demands for our day to day life. It has also made us realise that solar is potentially a game-changer to offer electricity to billions of people.

It is estimated that by 2050, solar power will play an important role in meeting global energy needs. Currently, solar energy can be widely used to power many industrial and residential appliances such as lights, water pumping systems, heating systems, air conditioning units, etc. From small residential houses to big industries, everyone wants to harness solar energy as it can help them decrease electricity costs in a significant manner.

There are many other advantages of using solar energy, this blog covers essential facts and advantages to help you understand it in a better way.

Solar Energy - Facts and Advantages of Solar Power

1. Saves Costs On Electricity Consumption

Year by year, the price of electricity consumption is growing higher making it tough for consumers to meet their demands satisfactorily. Solar Energy offers varied benefits as compared to usual electricity connections as it eliminates the hassles of paying a higher per-unit rate for consuming electricity. It can be seen that DISCOMs usually charge more from industrial setups as their consumption is quite higher than as compared to residential consumers. This is another crucial thing making industries interested in adapting solar setups to run their machinery.

2. Solar Energy offers Us Ways to Use Energy Limitlessly

Solar Energy is limitless as it is generated from the sun and is also available in abundance. The sun will continue to shine for millions of years to come and so we will be able to meet the demands to consume a variety of electronic devices. There are no limits to how much solar energy can be collected or stored as it gives you the convenience to add your own battery storage to harness in the best possible ways.

3. Residential Solar Plants Can Help in Cutting Down CO2

Residential Solar Plants can help in cutting down CO2 in significant ways as they can help you become self-sufficient to meet your energy requirements without harming the environment. Since electricity uses fossil fuels like coal to generate electricity, it comes with various negative impacts on the environment such as cutting down hundreds of trees and polluting the environment due to the burning of coal.

4. Solar Panels have the Capacity to Produce 8-10 Watts Per Sq. Foot

Today's modern solar panels have the capacity to generate 8-10 watts per square foot. This simply means that if you have a roof that is 100 feet by 100 feet, you could have enough solar panels to generate 800-1000 watts, satisfactorily meeting your energy requirements.

5. You Can Invest in Solar Parks to Yield Earnings From Solar Energy

Solar parks are another lucrative option if you see solar energy as an opportunity to save your electricity costs and earn money. The Solar Park is a large designated area where you will be allotted your solar setup without any requirement of government clearance which will yield you the same benefit as your rooftop plant could offer you. While there can be space limitations in the case of rooftop plants, you can choose to invest in a solar park to avail the same benefit without utilising your rooftop space.

6. The Solar Energy Generation Capacity in India is Quite Higher Than Overall Output of All Fossil Fuel Energy Reserves

This is quite a great thing to see that solar power energy generation in India has surpassed the overall output of all fossil fuel energy reserves making it an ideal solution to combat environmental challenges arising due to the burning of fossils like Coal. By encouraging the use of solar plants, we can successfully become one of the largest solar power consumers in the world through which we can decrease our dependence on fossil fuels for generating electricity.

7. Solar Panels Have Lesser Maintenance Requirements & Longer Life

This is quite a great advantage as solar panels require minimum or no maintenance making them free from periodic maintenance costs. A normal solar panel also has a great lifespan as it can last for 25 to 30 years.

8. Government Offers Rewards & Subsidy on Solar Panels

This is quite an interesting fact to know that the government encourages people to invest in solar energy. The concession in taxes and subsidies are some of the methods through which the government wants people to install solar panels on their rooftops. This can be considered as a great motivator to push the use of solar energy in residential setups.


Solar energy has a lot to offer in terms of saving costs and protecting the environment from the severe effects of burning fossil fuels and cutting trees. Being a lucrative option encouraged by the government in form of subsidy and net-metering advantages, it helps consumers to save costs in a significant manner.


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