Build your own Solar Park. Lower your electricity and overhead costs up to 80%

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At Rays Experts, the best solar power plant company in India. we take care of everything. All you need to do is invest and start reaping the benefits from the first month itself.

Electricity Bill Saving

We ensure that the power produced in our solar plant is adjusted against the consumption at business points smoothly and efficiently.

Turnkey Construction

Hassle-free solar power plant setup. We construct the complete Plant outside the premises at our Solar Parks.

Key Advantages of installing a Solar Plant in our Solar Parks

No need for a rooftop

Solar plants can easily be set up on the ground, anywhere within the same state.

Cost-Efficient Solution

As mentioned, with higher generation and size, the solution is cost-effective i.e. the cost is proportional to the size of the panels. So if you’d like to put a number to the proportionality, then you may do so with this line.

Highest quality Operation & Maintenance

For a highly efficient operation, our Solar parks have a dedicated 24-hour Operation and Maintenance team ensuring the highest returns on your investment.

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India’s Largest Solar Power Plant company

India’s Largest Solar Power Plant company

With more than 800 MW executed for 200 businesses, we are the leading solar power plant company by far the country’s largest open-access player for more than 5 years.

Highly Customised Energy Plan

Highly Customised Energy Plan

Each solar plant in our park is custom-designed to provide the best fit for the electricity needs of your business.

Over 95% Satisfied Clients

Over 95% Satisfied Clients

With over 190 satisfied customers, we are working on creating Solar energy available for all.

Our mission is to change the way you consume electricity. Are you in?

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    130 acres

    25 MW

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    Record Complection

    14 month

    100 MW

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    First in Haryana

    50 acres

    50 MW

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The first solar park for our team and the country was the foundation of our vision. Started with just 2 MW in 2012, it has today become the landmark in the deserts of Western India. Most of the projects installed in this park are selling power to the utilities under a long-term power purchase agreement.

The largest private solar park in India, it has multiple solar plants, probably the largest in the world at a single location. A must visit for every solar enthusiast, this park has a complex web of transmission line with simply laid down solar plants. Just 15 Kms away from Airport, we are expanding it to 250 MW as of now.

The only operational Solar park in Haryana, this park has demonstrated multiple technologies at a single location.

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