How Do Solar Power Plants Work? - A Complete Guide

Solar Power Plants harness the capabilities of solar energy making it useful to be consumed in the form of electricity by commercial and residential units. This blog talks about various aspects of how a solar power plant works giving you a broad understanding.

Solar Power is an amazing source of energy offering lucrative ways to meet your energy demands. Being photovoltaic energy it utilises the sun as the source of energy to enable power generation making electricity accessible to numerous people without the dependency on power DISCOMs. In terms of its working, The solar panels make use of photovoltaic energy converting the sunlight into energy through semiconductors thus generating power that can be either directly used or stored.

As it is quite a known fact that electricity demand generation is creating a lot of troubles due to its environmental impacts, solar power is one of the lucrative ways to generate electricity without carbon emissions. It is a familiar source of energy nowadays as people are having the awareness to use solar as an alternative to electricity, enabling a step towards clean energy.

Process of Generating Electricity in Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants use silicon solar cells which are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity. The solar panels then concentrate solar radiation by the use of PV Panels thus resulting in the generation of solar energy through concentrated solar power. Solar Power plants use inverters that convert the generated energy into AC (Alternating Current) to power a wide range of electrical appliances.


How Solar Plants Powers Electricity

Solar Power Plants can be set up anywhere whether it is a large area or a small rooftop. The only condition for installing solar power plants is to ensure that there are no shade areas near the power plant setup as it drastically interferes with the process of generating energy by harnessing solar. The residential house owners are taking a keen interest in such projects as it gives better benefits as compared to electricity grids costing huge amounts to meet day to day needs of running basic appliances. The industries are also taking a similar path making themselves energy-friendly organisations. The electricity generated from power plants can be utilised in various ways which are as follows:


1. DC Converter: The use of a DC converter is crucial as it is one of the devices that makes electricity usable for your wide range of devices like- AC, Washing machines, Fans, Cooler, etc. This device converts DC(Direct Current) to AC(Alternating Current).


2. Storage: The storage devices are used to store energy in lithium-ion batteries which can be utilised at later stages. This is quite an important device as it can help you take advantage of solar power during rainy or non-sunny days.


3. Net-Metering: The net metering solar power plant can have a meter attached to a net metering system that can be used to track how much energy is sent to and received from the electricity grid. This is a lucrative option offering benefits to save electricity bill costs in terms of energy consumption as it makes it possible to get electricity from DISCOMs as well. In this case, The final bill amount is adjusted based on the consumption.


Types of Solar Power Plants

There are different types of solar power plants which are as follows:


1. Grid-Tied Systems: These types of systems are connected to electricity grids which allows the plants to draw energy from electricity DISCOMs in those cases when energy generation is less. This can be quite a crucial option for those who don't buy storage devices for their solar panels thus making them dependent on electricity grids if demands exceed. Through this system, owners can leverage the concept of net metering which adjusts the bill amount based on energy supplied and drawn to and from the electricity grid.


2. Hybrid Systems: These are those kinds of systems that also houses storage devices along with a net-metering connection enabling the utilisation of energy through multiple ways. It can meet both the excess and underutilised demand as storage devices can help you store excessive energy enabling you to meet varied energy requirements.


3. Off-Grid Systems: This kind of solar panel system relies on independent energy storage. In this, The energy storage becomes self-sufficient to meet the demands of energy without relying on electricity connection from DISCOM and grids.


How You Can Use Solar Plants

One can utilise solar power plants in varied ways. Whether you are a home establishment or an industry, you can meet the energy demands depending upon the requirements and setup of solar plants. As solar plants store electricity capacity in Megawatt defining how much power it can offer to run various appliances.


Since there are multiple ways to harness this energy, you can choose the adequate type of solar power plant as per your requirements after properly accessing your energy consumption needs.


Leverage Electricity through Solar Power Parks

Solar power can also be seen as quite a lucrative scheme to invest in energy as it lowers costs of electricity and gives you the freedom to harness it limitlessly. The Solar Park is one such concept that gives you the advantage to invest in solar schemes without thinking about the space limitations of setting up a dedicated plant. You can get a dedicated solar power plant setup based upon MW(MegaWatts) through which you can either draw energy or claim several benefits like- Net Metering. One also has an option to sell electricity to commercial or industrial units thus earning money from it.



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