Bifacial solar panels - All you need to know

Do you know that bifacial solar panels are much more efficient than conventional solar panels? This blog post is your one-stop destination to know everything about bifacial solar panels. Keep reading further to know more.

Bifacial solar panels are one of the types that are quite popular these days due to their efficiency and various advantages it offers. First, you need to know what type of panels they are and how they work. These solar panels consist of solar cells on both sides so the amount of sunlight they absorb is more than the traditional mono facial solar panels. Naturally, these solar panels generate more amounts of electricity.

How do Bifacial Solar Panels Work?

In terms of the working of Bifacial Solar Panels, To make the sunlight reach the rear side of the panel, a solar finger grid is placed. The top part of the solar panel absorbs the sunlight directly whereas, the rear portion of the solar panel absorbs the reflected sunlight. To facilitate the reflection of sunlight, a reflective surface is kept under the solar panel.

How are Bifacial Solar Panels different from traditional Monofacial solar panels?

Before these Solar Power Panels made their debut in the PV industry, Monofacial Solar panels ruled the market. Bifacial Solar Panels differ from traditional Monofacial Solar Panels in many ways. Check out the differences given below to get a clear idea:

  • In terms of Efficiency- Bifacial Solar Panels comprise photovoltaic cells on both sides of the panel hence, it absorbs more sunlight. The Monofacial solar panels, on the other hand, do not have solar cells on both sides. Instead, it only has solar cells on the front side of the Solar Panel, for absorbing solar light. So, the amount of electricity produced by these Panels is comparatively much more than Monofacial Solar Panels. This makes the solar panels much more efficient than the traditional Monofacial Solar Panels.
  • In terms of Appearance- The Bifacial Solar Panels do not have any definite design, they come in various designs based on frames, glass, and cells. You will find both framed as well as frameless models on the market. Also, some models come with a dual glass body, some of them come with transparent black sheets. But, in the case of Monofacial Solar Panels, there is a single fixed design. The module comes in opaque black sheets.

Pros of using Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial Solar Panels have earned an excellent reputation in the PV industry due to their useful nature. Listed below are some of the advantages of using Bifacial Solar Panels:

  • Greater efficiency- Bifacial Solar Panels have greater efficiency than traditional Monofacial solar panels due to their dual cell system.
  • Easy installation- With Bifacial Solar Panels, you do not need to worry about the angle of installation. Place it at any angle, it would work perfectly.
  • Highly durable- Bifacial Panels are highly durable as they are protected by tempered glass on both sides. Also, both sides of the module are UV resistant.
  • Reliable during unpleasant weather- Both sides of a Bifacial Solar Panel are sensitive to solar light. So, the rear side of the panel continues to work just fine even if the front side gets affected by bad weather.

Cons of Bifacial Solar Panels

Along with the multiple benefits of using Bifacial Solar Panels, there are some cons as well like:

  • Bifacial panels do not work efficiently without solar panels- Reflective surfaces are a must for the proper functioning of these Panels. You have to keep a reflective surface below the solar panel to maximize the current output. 
  • Bifacial Panels are a bit heavy on the budget- If you are looking for some pocket-friendly options, these Solar panels are not the one for you. These modules are a bit over-pricy for their high efficiency.

Points of Consideration to Buy Bifacial Solar Panels

Still, want more points to make yourself convinced about buying Bifacial Panels? Here are some of the points that can make decision making easy for you:

  1. Efficiency: These Solar Panels are known to generate 20% more electricity generation as compared to other types of panels.
  2. Advanced Technology: The Bifacial Panels usually come with advanced Halfcut Cells Technology and 144 German Solar Cells.
  3. Rooftop Space Saving: This type of panel saves rooftop space as it requires 30% less space than other solar units.
  4. Can be Installed in varied Regions: These Solar Panels are perfect to be installed in-ground areas with horizontal setups, Rooftops, Gardens, etc.
  5. Suits for Rainy & Cloudy Weather: These Solar Panels can even work with some level of efficiency in cloudy weather which is not possible with Monofacial Solar Panels.


Despite a few drawbacks, they are worth the return on investment. Though they cost a bit more than mono facial solar panels, they are highly efficient. The potential of solar panels is much more than traditional solar panels, hence they have a greater prospects in the future. If you are planning to buy solar panels, consider buying bifacial solar panels to get the best ROI.

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