Top 4 Solar Power Parks In India By Rays Experts

Solar Parks can offer lucrative advantages to solar investors to yield better profits by investing in solar projects set up in designated parks. It offers ease of land ownership transfer along with ready to move infrastructure to set up solar projects without any complications. This blog features Top 4 Solar Parks by Rays Experts.

Solar energy generation has a huge impetus to drive profits for businesses and individuals. Renewable energy is a driving force for the economies of scale and can certainly deliver exceptional returns in coming years. As the government is also fostering lucrative schemes to influence investments in this space, still various challenges remain ahead while planning solar projects. To boost such benefits for potential investors, The solar park eliminates all such hassles and offers investors a lucrative option to invest in solar projects and reap the benefits in similar ways. The Solar Parks set up as shared infrastructure are becoming the next big thing for investment acceleration in the renewable energy space offering profitability for investors. These can be considered great investment opportunities to seek fast-paced growth.

The Solar Parks are common zones for the development of solar projects which are completely approved for the use of solar development projects along with the facility of transferring or storing electricity for various purposes. Continuous maintenance and monitoring make these areas safe and free from potential risks. They also offer various other advantages to investors in the form of ready to transfer land, minimal paperwork, ready to move infrastructure, power purchase agreements etc.

The Rays Experts have set up solar parks across the various locations in the country to invite hassle-free investments from solar investors and in turn help them to redeem the savings and benefits without worrying about roadblocks like- land ownership, clearances, compliances, etc. This blog covers Top 4 Solar Parks by Rays Experts to offer you a glimpse of arenas to invest in solar projects.

Top 4 Solar Power Parks In India By Rays Experts

This list of Top 4 Solar Parks can be the next desired location for investors to invest in solar projects. These are as follows:

1. Kolayat Solar Park in Bikaner, Rajasthan

This solar park is situated at Kolayat, Bikaner, Rajasthan with a 24 MW capacity. It is situated across the land of 130 acres offering avenues for investors to invest in solar park projects. Being one of the initial projects of Ray Experts, it has become a landmark for substantial growth for renewable energy investments in western India. The solar projects housed at this solar park are already having the capability of offering power to various commercial utilities under long-term power purchase agreements. The power transmission from this plant will be pooled to 132 KV/ 33 KV Kolayat substation to ensure uninterrupted power grid availability. As a designated power plant set up in the deserts of Rajasthan enables the majority of energy capture to benefit optimum energy generation. The shared infrastructure equipped with security and maintenance teams makes it a desired location for investors to invest in solar projects without any worries.

2. Gajner Solar Park in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Gajner Solar Park by Rays Experts, situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan is another full-fledged solar park project considered as Largest Private Solar Park in India. Spread across 400 acres of land, This is a 100 MW capacity project situated just 14 Kms from the vicinity of the airport for faster connectivity. The land spread across the desert of Rajasthan makes it a favourable location for solar plant setup offering the majority of sunlight for energy production. This solar park will be upgraded to a 250 MW capacity seeking the demand and scale for solar projects investment.

3. Siwani Solar Park in Haryana

This is one of the only developed Solar Parks in Haryana having a capacity of 50 MW housing multiple technologies at a single location. Being the First in Haryana, it is spread across the region of 40-50 acres of land. Siwani being the industrially flourished region, the solar park is set to offer industries with renewable energy supply. This will also aim towards bringing down the electricity charges substantially benefitting large industries and business establishments across the region. The multiple solar projects can easily be installed at this plant depending upon the energy requirement and scale.

4. Mandsaur Solar Park in Madhya Pradesh

The Mandsaur Solar Park set up in Madhya Pradesh offers a 15 MW capacity spread across 50 acres of land. This is another solar park project set to benefit various industries and commercial establishments making it a favourable project to bring down electricity costs. The shared infrastructure at this Solar Park consists of roads and common transmission lines to supply generated electricity to the nearest government grids. This project also aims to attract significant investments from investors across Madhya Pradesh.

How Rays Experts Solar Parks Foster Solar Investment

Solar Parks established are one of the favourable points of investment for people looking to invest in solar projects. Since they are free from government approval policies and compliance burdens for end investors, it offers ready to implement options for investors to earn profits without wasting significant time on installations and land ownerships. This not only boosts returns for investors but also offers them various other benefits in terms of bringing down electricity costs for their commercial units. The Rays experts also offer such great options to investors to get electricity at low costs.




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